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Unparalleled Benefits

TRUST-CFO® has developed the most proven plan designs, innovative solutions, and only administration process that continually optimizes all protection, tax savings, and wealth preservation benefits for successful Californians.

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Asset Protection

Under California law since 1970 - all PRP funds, distributions, and death benefits are “exempt” from creditor claims and seizure.

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Our PRP tactically harvests current and future tax exemptions, creating the most “tax-smart” retirement plan in the industry.

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Leveraged “Super” Funding

We capitalize on "catch-up" funding as well as provide preferred Trust financing for future contributions to maximize overall retirement values and benefits.

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Tax-Free Trust Loans

Our integrated planning allows for non-taxable benefits via trust loans.

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Total Risk Hedging

Our strategic planning and administration process pre-plans against all major wealth-eroding risks.

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Trust Profit-Center

Our greatest value is solving for retirement while also improving an owner’s net business equity and earnings.

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What Are You Trying to Solve?

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Step 1 - PROTECT

Assets & Earnings

  • Corporate Stock
    Corporate Stock

    Private non-voting stock may be funded where equity, dividends, and gains from sale can be creditor and tax exempt.

  • LLC Interests
    LLC Interests

    We have designed our PRP-LLC™ as a unique holding company with stronger protection and tax efficiency.

  • Real Estate
    Real Estate

    Investment real estate growth, net income, and all tax benefits, such as 1031 exchanges, can be legitimately funded to a PRP.

  • Private Equity
    Private Equity

    An equity partner can elect to fund any partnership interests to their own solo PRP without disruption to other equity investors.

  • Investment Portfolios
    Investment Portfolios

    Exposed “after-tax” securities may be able to claim the private retirement exemption to better protect portfolio values and enhance tax-efficiency.

  • Life Insurance
    Life Insurance

    Our PRP LIFE™ program can rescue life insurance cash values and death benefits from the miserably low California $13,975 creditor exemption limit.

  • Future Earnings
    Future Earnings

    We are able to monetize future earnings potential by funding our unique defined benefit contribution commitment note.

Step 2 - PROFIT

From Tax Savings

  • Active Income Tax
    Active Income Tax

    Certain contributions can be deducted up to 100% of active taxable income.

  • Passive Income Tax
    Passive Income Tax

    PRP tax exemptions are not limited by the passive loss rules, so tax “leakage” can be retained for improved wealth.

  • Gain from Sale
    Gain from Sale

    Unlike “deferral” strategies such as 1031 exchanges, the PRP has the unique capacity to claim an “offset” deduction to mitigate triggered gains taxes - even after a sale.

  • Estate Tax
    Estate Tax

    Our PRP death benefit exemption is integrated with our Wealth Preservation Trust to pass retirement net value Estate-Tax-Free to beneficiaries.

  • Retirement Distribution Tax
    Retirement Distribution Tax

    We’ve developed a PRP qualified plan and IRA rescue strategy to offset the inevitable IRD double-tax (income & estate) liabilities escalating within those plans.

  • Tax-Smart Investments
    Tax-Smart Investments

    Our PRP can continue to cultivate specific tax-smart investment benefits like solar, accelerated depreciation, and other tax credits, losses, and offsets.


Wealth & Legacy

  • Business Risk Insurance
    Business Risk Insurance

    We innovated the only creditor exemption risk insurance that protects the private retirement plan against loss of assets due to lawsuit claims.

  • Cost Elimination Strategies
    Cost Elimination Strategies

    Your plan converts from a cost to a profit-center when empowered by our comprehensive risk mitigation planning.

  • Business Sale & Transfer Solutions
    Business Sale & Transfer Solutions

    By leveraging trust exemptions, clients can sell their business (or real estate) with substantially greater net-tax proceeds without losing control of funds.

  • Estate Transfer Solutions
    Estate Transfer Solutions

    We integrate our PRP with our Wealth Preservation Trust to help pass total retirement wealth to heirs without imposition or dilution of taxes or lawsuit exposure.

  • Generational Retirement
    Generational Retirement

    Most plans are fully depleted upon death. The PRP is always designed to solve for its 3rd key component of ensuring continued retirement principal for your heirs.

Custom Solutions To Your World

Over our 30+ years we’ve learned of the critical pain points of our valued clients, and have built specific Plan designs that attend to their unique needs and wants. Our success cases can become your success case.

Business Owner

Business Owner

Our PRP is an Owner-focused program specifically designed to resolve the conflict between retirement savings and business cash flows.

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Real Estate Developer & Investor

Real Estate Developer & Investor

Continue to get all the benefits of RE wealth while managing the downside risks associated with an undiversified real property portfolio.

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Physician (Doctor)

Physician (Doctor)

Remove the liability tail by claiming your private retirement trust exemption rights - for life.

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Professional (CPA/Attorney)

Professional (CPA/Attorney)

We have specific plans for our referring advisor-partners to ensure they fund their own retirement and become advocates for their valued clients.

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Family Office

Family Office

Add TRUST-CFO® as your back-office to infuse and integrate Trust “exemption” planning supported by our capital analysis, proper administration, and required reporting.

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Private Equity Investor

Private Equity Investor

Fund your PE interests to your PRP as a protected holding company with more tax, risk and management efficiency.

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Highly Compensated Executive

Highly Compensated Executive

Executive-employees of another company can even set up their own PRP holding company and fund personal assets and earnings for their private retirement.

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Athlete or Entertainer

Athlete or Entertainer

We protect public stars from the price of fame - frivolous lawsuits and excessive tax-erosion - which can make a successful career short-lived.

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