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Private Retirement Plans (PRPs) are the safest, strongest, and most profitable form of wealth preservation because PRP funding uses your legal retirement exemption right to fund and protect the current equity, future value, and distributions-benefits of complex private assets.

Our plans offer the greatest value of all retirement plans because they are structured to be a profit-center for your business, not a “cost," and create substantial tax deductions, deferrals, and credits for the plan participant’s business and investment assets to help create more wealth and more value for future retirement needs.

Your Trusted Guide to Survive & Thrive in California

TRUST-CFO® is the industry leader with the most tested cases with 100% protection for all our valued clients – not losing one dime in any of our Plans to unwanted asset-erosion, including frivolous lawsuit creditors.

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We Collaborate with the Top Attorneys & Tax Advisors in California

TRUST-CFO® has proven our value with the industry leaders and provide our Private Retirement Plan platform to the top business attorneys and tax advisors in California who not only trust us with their clients, but in administrating their own Private Retirement Plans too!

James L. Cunningham, Jr.
CEO & Lead AttorneyCunninghamLegal

TRUST-CFO is the guru of private retirement planning. I tell all my peers to use them for administration or they’re going to miss a massive planning opportunity in their practice."

Jim Cunningham

Our PRP Process uses 3-dimensional planning to optimize your wealth on an ongoing basis, so you always know you are creating the greatest values and benefits for life:



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