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We can help you build your world faster, stronger, and safer because we know the secret to protecting assets and saving huge taxes, WITHOUT GIVING UP CONTROL!

Are you losing control of your world?


Are taxes crippling your potential for a secure future?


Will one bad lawsuit destroy your life's work?


Is no one giving you any real solutions?

You don’t have time to start over.

We can help you immediately solve these issues to keep your hard-earned money.

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TRUST-CFO® is the ultimate guide to help you safely traverse the chasms of tax and lawsuit risk, so you can continue to build your world with peace of mind.

Follow our proven path to success - don’t fall down the mountain and lose it all.

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Business Tax Savings & Cash Flow Accelerator℠


Lose If You Don't

Issue: Inefficient businesses default to self-insuring on an after-tax basis in the form of retained earnings.

Result: They bleed capital, cash flow and credit capacity gets pressured, and diluted reserves are exposed to creditor lawsuits.

Win If You Do

Solution: Smart businesses fund risk reserves on a pre-tax basis and leverage low-cost financing to arbitrage capital and compound growth.

Improved outcome: Businesses save substantially, increase cash flow, and enhance credit capacity, all while being protected from creditor lawsuits.




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Business Tax Savings Calculator

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Protecting the Future Value of Your Current Tax Savings.


A dollar today is not just a dollar, it is the compounded future value of that dollar and all related cash flow that drives your lifestyle at retirement. And we can prove it.

Our clients have not only saved over $45 million in tax savings over the last 2 years, we have also shown them how to protect more than $600 million of total assets using our Private Retirement Plan strategies.




Protect Private Assets Against Lawsuits

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Disclosure: The simplified Private Retirement Funding Calculator uses base-level retirement assumptions but includes a range of uncertainty, so you should get a detailed report to confirm your exact funding amounts and needs.


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