Our Evolution as Industry Leader

TRUST-CFO® has provided administrative support services for to trustees, fiduciaries, attorneys, CPAs, investment advisers, insurance agents, and clients for over 25 years.

Specializing in complex or “active” trusts, we have contributed our administrative and planning skills to help develop a variety of risk management support systems to honor the integrity of Plans and Trusts, so that benefits can be properly received by beneficiaries when planned.

Over our history we have also developed many proprietary plan designs and systems that offer a higher level of strength and success to clients and their supporting advisors.

Nation’s Largest Plan Administrator for Private Retirement Plans

Private Retirement Plans are to Empower Clients without Disrupting their World.

Unlike commercially packaged plans offered by the financial services industry, Private Retirement Plans were established by California in 1970 to allow its residents to fund private assets and interests for their retirement and gain substantial creditor protection rights and tax exemption benefits.

Maintain Direction & Beneficial Interest in Your Private Investment Strategy but be Protected.

Innovators of the Private Retirement Plans

Having reviewed hundreds of Private Retirement Plans and trusts we have been able to identify and inventory areas of document and administrative weakness and strength.

We have taken the best plans and learned from bad plan designs to build the needed analytics to help support our referring advisors and clients, so they can be assured they have the best administrative support to enforce their creditor and tax exemption benefit rights.

The Strongest & Safest Plan Design – Learn More at: www.PrivateRetirementTrust.com

Pioneers of Private Retirement Plan Administration

Ultimately, our administrative process has proven itself so in 2015 we filed for a patent-pending on our Private Retirement Plan Administration System to protect our process, analytics, algorithms and intellectual property trademarks that together comprise the uniqueness and strength of our planning support system.

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The Industry Leader in “Exemption Planning”

Why Traditional Planning Doesn’t Work for Private Business Owners or Investors.

Traditional Planning methods require that one moves assets or cash flow away from a productive business or private investment strategy in order to gain protection or tax savings. For business owners or private investors this only translates to losing control or irrevocably giving away assets forever, which they just won’t do.

Exemption Planning does not disrupt a current Plan, it simply “exempts” assets from creditors or taxation.

The Definition of “Exempt”

     ex·empt (iɡˈzem(p)t/) adjective/verb
     1. Free from an obligation or liability imposed on others.
     2. A person or entity that is exempt from something, especially the payment of tax.

Claiming exemptions on your assets, earnings, and gains is the most powerful way to protect wealth from the erosion of frivolous lawsuits and excessive taxation. But claiming exemption rights is a unique planning process unlike any traditional means and requires a specialist to ensure ALL legitimate exemptions are being capitalized for optimum tax savings and protection benefits.

  • We have developed the industry’s only Exemption Diagnostic Calculator to help show what exemptions are currently being forfeited, and which exemption rights can be claimed to legitimately protect asset and earnings and reduce taxation

Why Exemption Planning is Stronger than Asset Protection Planning

Most of the asset protection strategies promoted today suggest “hiding” assets by transferring assets out of state or offshore, or irrevocably gifting away assets forever. These tactics are too expensive from an implementation and management standpoint and additionally the new 2015 California UVTA (Uniform Voidable Transactions Act) has closed the loop-holes for “creditor evasion” tactics and enforce asset “clawbacks” from 2-10 years and impose “fraudulent conveyance” penalties.

  • Exemption Planning is NOT Fraudulent Conveyance Per Se – instead Exemption Planning involves the purposeful recharacterization of assets by claiming various federal/state exemptions available and afforded to citizens/residents under law.

The bottom line is Exemption Planning is infinitely more cost effective and much less risky than transferring or hiding assets to evade creditors or the IRS.

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