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As the ultimate guide in tax & creditor exemption planning, we are able to show our clients how they can uniquely use their private retirement plans and trusts to cultivate and capture substantial tax savings opportunities, both now and in the future.

A private retirement plan is one of the only plans that offers such tax advantages because of its unique ability to own, fund, finance, and manage risks for private assets, including business and real estate assets. No other plan allows for such opportunities.

Our clients can expect to received current improved cash flows and increased net returns during accumulation, that we then help convert to more protected wealth and greater after-tax distributions at retirement.

Some the tax saving opportunities usually include multiple Tax Deferral strategies, and some may also include Tax Credits, which are even more powerful because they are permanent reduction of dollar for dollar tax liabilities.

Private Retirement Planning – TAX DEFERRAL Opportunities

Tax savings is cash flow. For each dollar deferred and applied to a profitable company’s bottom line, the greater the future value. We can illustrate how deferred dollars can be managed so that the improved cash flow and returns on such planning actually pays for future costs and taxation, so that you have more net money and business value.

We can show you how to:

  • Lowering cost of monies on Employer sponsored programs.
  • Maximize additional funding to Owner-Shareholder programs.
  • Leverage New Tax law to arbitrage personal tax rate with new corporate tax rate.
  • Incentivize Key People and Highly Compensated Executives, including a BOD.
  • Enhance the economic value of company Credit Capacity for lending/banking.

Private Retirement Planning – TAX CREDIT Planning Opportunities

It is a proven fact that more than 50% of credits and incentives go unclaimed annually. A private retirement plan can help capture and harvest ongoing tax credits that can help you:

  • Avoiding paying unnecessary taxes.
  • Obtaining immediate tax refunds.
  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Improving earnings before interest and tax, net income and shareholder value.
  • Enhancing the economic value of company initiatives.
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