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Don’t Be A Magellan, Get An Estate Map

Get your Estate Map

Do You Have a Map For Your Financial World?

Ferdinand Magellan created a map to help  prove the far east could be reached by sailing west. Magellan’s  success  at creating a map accomplished two things.

  1. It gave the world a workable guide to follow to get to the far east.
  2. Helped save many lives, ships and time by showing people an efficient route.

So do you have an asset protection and estate map or are you sailing blind? In this complex financial, legal and tax world all of us try to thrive in, we usually lack a map to guide us and keep us off the rocks. Secondly, the regulations, taxes codes and laws that we must follow change with every new elected official that takes office. The easiest way to navigate these treacherous waters is to have a map or guide.

Getting A Map should Be Easy

This map is does not have to be complex, it just simply shows how assets move throughout the plan and how they relate to all the other pieces. A map would not be complete without a legend or key with colors and symbols showing what all the different items mean. The solution is a custom estate map we create for each of our clients. Each map is custom and runs the gambit of really simple to very complex depending what your world looks like.

Asset Protection Map

It also helps us answer the questions of; Do you own a business, have LLC’s, S-corp, C-corp? Are you in a partnership, own real estate or rental properties, do you have IRA, 401k or have life insurance? How do all these pieces fit together into your financial world and what is exposed to creditors and liability. The map we create is a powerful visual representation of helps us explain how the assets flow and what can be protected and how your retirement can be more enriching and secure.

The last thing the map does is shows what assets are protected and what are exposed to the creditors and predators in the world. For each client a before and after map is created showing what your current world looks like. Before his world changing voyage of discovery, Magellan’s world map was blank and his map afterward changed the course of human history. Let us help you create your own map and change your own future and maybe the world.

Below is a before and after sample asset protection map.

Your Estate and all your assets are in red, you are not protected.

Your Estate and all your assets are in red, you are not protected.


No Asset Protection Estate Map

Asset Protection Map Asset Protected Estate Map

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