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Business Owners


Business Owners have unlimited risk exposures and threat to their world.
As a TRUST-CFO®, we understand trust, and we know business. We can help you exempt business assets and earnings, as well as personal assets against unwanted creditors and frivolous lawsuits, whether created from business liability/risks or personal exposures - all without disrupting your business cash flows and investment growth.

Our business clients know how to build their business, but they’re not very good at protecting and keeping it.
We can show you how to employ multiple tax strategies to minimize your tax burden and keep more money working toward cash flows, growth, and maximize your net returns, so that you have a better current and future lifestyle.

Business Owners don’t know what they don’t know, and very few advisors understand how to leverage exemptions to minimize invasive operating costs and inefficiencies. TRUST-CFO® provides guidance and resources on many cost-savings strategies that can help you:
  • Lower HR, Payroll, and other Employee Risks and carrying costs
  • Reduce debt and bank/lending costs and rates
  • Improve Liability coverages with lower out of pocket expenses
  • Maximize conversion values upon ultimate exit
  • Pay for all Planning programs using tax savings so you are making money, not spending it
TRUST-CFO® offers the greatest resources to ensure Business Owners earn the value they’ve created but mitigate the unlimited risks they've not earned. We can help you protect, profit and preserve your world so you can keep your hard-earned money.

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