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Corporate Stock


While clients set up a Corporation (C or S) as a layer of basic defense, Corporate Stock is not Exempt from Creditor business claims because of inside-out liabilities. Furthermore, most attorneys (we know) can bust a corporate veil to expose a shareholder/owner’s personal balance sheet caused by failed corporate documentation.

TRUST-CFO® has devised multiple solutions to “exempt” corporate stock (equity) as well as company assets from creditor lien, attachment and seizure - without disrupting business cash flows or growth.

Most shareholders and/or owners are so hyper-focused on the growth of the company and future sale, that in almost all cases they fail to pre-plan for taxable gain events, and therefore default to full tax exposure on a high taxable gain.

All clients that call to get tax help AFTER triggering an event are disappointed when its too late and they find out they forfeited tax strategies that could have substantially helped to reduce their tax burden - and then find they have a lower lifestyle than they could have received.
TRUST-CFO® can help you in advance secure tax exemptions, deductions, deferrals, and offsets to:
  • Manage, Stabilize and Increase Basis
  • Maximize Sale Price but Minimize Taxable Gain
  • Defer, Discount or Offset Taxes Due on Sale
  • Maximize After-Tax Benefits from Proceeds

TRUST-CFO® has substantial resources to help accelerate, enhance and maximize stock value. We can offer solutions and resources including:
  • Minimizing Corporate Operating Costs & Fees
  • Reducing Employee Costs and Mitigating HR Risks
  • Minimizing Taxation on Corporate Dividends
  • Enhancing Stock Value through Deferred Compensation Programs & Fringe Benefit Plans
TRUST-CFO® offers the greatest resource to enhance and optimize corporate valuation and convert future values into the greatest net after tax benefits.

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