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With legislation, regulation, and bureaucracy running rampant in the construction industry, its difficult to build something of great value, whether your private assets, or those for your community.
In order to survive the gauntlet of litigation risks, both developers and contractors alike have to secure all their Creditor Exemption rights to legitimately preserve business and personal assets and earnings from undeserving and illegitimate lawsuit invasion.
The trick is that TRUST-CFO® can show you how to legitimately protect earnings and assets without forfeiting future ownership or control, so you can still build your world your way.

Developers & Contractors are great at growing and building, but struggle protecting and preserving. Mainly because there is a lack of high-caliber advisors that understand their capital, cash flow and return on investment needs, as well as banking and surety/bonding requirements.
TRUST-CFO® has been providing exemption planning services to the construction industry for over 20 years in concert with some of the top legal and tax advisors in California. As a team, we are able to provide a suite of unparalleled services that ensure to maximize a long list of tax exemption benefits that help improve the chances of survival in the industry and as a business owner.

Owners don’t know what they don’t know, and very few advisors understand how to leverage exemptions to minimize invasive operating costs and inefficiencies. TRUST-CFO® offers a variety of tactical programs that can:
  • Minimize and Eliminate Personal Guarantees to Invasive Creditors
  • Reduce debt and bank/lending costs and rates
  • Improve Liability & Casualty coverages with lower out of pocket expenses
  • Maximize conversion values upon ultimate exit
  • Pay for all Planning programs using tax savings so you are making money, not spending it
TRUST-CFO® offers the greatest resources to ensure developers & contractors earn the value they’ve created but mitigate the unlimited risks they not earned. We can help you protect, profit and preserve your world and keep your hard-earned money so one day you can reap your hard-earned work for you and your family.

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