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Highly Compensated Executives


You don’t have to be a business owner to create wealth. We have plenty of clients who have helped build business value for others as executives, directors and board members, but have built substantial wealth on their own private balance sheets along the way.
The uniqueness of a Private Retirement Plan is that an “HCE” can set up their own LLC (Limited Liability Company) that is designed to both manage their private assets as well as sponsor a Private Retirement Plan and claim exemptions on those private assets.
Whether designed as a property management company for real estate, investment management company for portfolios, or family office for other private ventures or equity assets, the PRP+LLC solution is as powerful and flexible as it gets to maximize Exemption protections without disrupting your world.

Employer-sponsored programs have limitations with how much funding an HCE can participate and contribute/deduct only against current taxable earnings. A PRP offers the opportunity to capitalize on non-employer Trust exemptions and create diversification opportunities to balance out future tax liabilities imposed on Employer or “qualified” Plans.

One of the luxuries provided by Private Retirement exemption planning is that is fosters ongoing efficient management and oversight. When TRUST-CFO® employs its annual benchmarking services we test for cost-efficiency and negotiate down fees that might otherwise erode a productive private retirement portfolio. We can prove you are minimizing and even paying for plan and product costs and planning fees by recapturing previously lost savings.

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