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LLC/LP Member Interests


Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships are the preferred entity structures for private investment wealth building, specifically for real estate, private equity and strategic investment or lending pools. However, in recent years the LLC/LP structures have become substantially weaker and have no exemption rights under new interstate and CA transfer law.

TRUST-CFO® is able to integrate exemption plans that can add a final layer of safety to protect LLC/LP interests from both personal and business creditors, without disrupting membership or asset management goals.

Distributions from LLC/LLPs can have full taxable exposure to members, whether passive or active, voting or non-voting.

There are both business-sponsored exemption programs and member planning that together can help to diffuse the taxation generated by the entity investment assets, or the membership distributions from gain.
TRUST-CFO® can evaluate the integrated tax exemptions, deductions, deferrals, and offsets to:
  • Minimize investment gains to LLC/LP entity
  • Minimize Taxation on Distributions to Members
  • Defer, Discount or Offset Taxes on Membership Interest Sale
  • Maximize After-Tax Benefits from Proceeds

TRUST-CFO® has substantial resources to help accelerate, enhance and maximize stock value. We can offer solutions and resources including:
  • Minimizing Entity Operating Costs & Fees
  • Reducing Manager, Member and Employee Costs and Mitigating HR Risks
  • Minimizing Taxation on Entity Distributions
  • Enhancing Membership Value through Deferred Compensation Programs & Fringe Benefit Plans
TRUST-CFO® offers the greatest resource to enhance and optimize entity valuation and convert future values into the greatest net after tax benefits.

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