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Its common knowledge that successful doctors have a huge target on their back in California.
The biggest fear facing doctors is not having enough money at retirement, and the two largest threats to your lifetime savings are (1) constant tax leakage eroding future values, and (2) the mass plague of industry lawsuits. If you lose your hard-earned savings due to just one frivolous creditor attack, you have no more time to replenish lost assets because your earnings capacity has a limited life-span. Therefore, claiming your creditor exemptions on earnings and assets during accumulation and especially at distribution is the greatest value a physician can enjoy.

Since a physician often has a limited earnings capacity, it is critical that they optimize conversion of their earnings to the greatest level of net after-tax dollars during working years. But it’s as important to pre-plan for tax impact at retirement and during distribution years.
We can show you how to employ legitimate exemption strategies to minimize your tax burden and keep more money working toward building capital, so that you have a better current and future lifestyle.

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