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While you have a homestead exemption of $75,000 ($100,000 if married or $175,000 if over 65), there is no creditor exemption for real estate investments.
Additionally, LLCs only limit liability but do not prevent the invasion of an angry creditor.
What if you could build your real estate portfolio free from frivolous lawsuits? All the asset value would be exempt. All the earnings would be exempt. And all the distributions for future lifestyle would be exempt. And you wouldn’t disrupt your investment strategy, your banking covenants, or your cash flow.
Its easier than you think. TRUST-CFO® can show you how to recharacterize your real estate assets to claim both your creditor protection rights as well as tax rights to enhance profits and cash flow.

Real Estate investors often think they are aware of all their tax options, but unfortunately the masses in the accounting and tax world only employ base-level tactics from days of old, such as 1031 exchanges, that do nothing more than defer a liability.
Invariably, almost all of our new clients have failed to claim their tax credit rights and risk management tax expensing. When we integrate all available legitimate mitigation tactics, we can show how Real Estate exemption planning compounds Real Estate returns and growth and creates a substantial improvement in future net income/benefits.

Real Estate investors are the Do-It-Yourselfers. But while they know how to build a cash flow portfolio, they often trade off safety and smart planning for growth risk. TRUST-CFO® offers the unique ability to empower Real Estate professionals on how to let them build their world their way, but be Exempt from asset loss, tax risk and cost-management erosion. We can help:
  • Minimize and Eliminate Personal Guarantees to Invasive Creditors
  • Reduce debt and bank/lending costs and rates
  • Improve Liability & Casualty coverages with lower out of pocket expenses
  • Maximize conversion values upon ultimate exit
  • Leverage tax savings to pay for carrying costs and necessary planning fees
TRUST-CFO® offers the greatest resources to ensure developers & contractors earn the value they’ve created but mitigate the unlimited risks they not earned. We can help you protect, profit and preserve your world and keep your hard-earned money so one day you can reap your hard-earned work for you and your family.

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