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Real Estate is not exempt from creditors in California if owned personally.

However, if you recharacterize your real estate for retirement, estate or other advanced planning needs, not only can real estate assets be exempt from creditor claims, but so can all earnings (rent/lease income) and distributions from gain from sale.

Most real estate owners fail to claim all available tax exemptions and consequently bleed capital that weakens future values, cash flows and net returns.
TRUST-CFO® can help you claim tax exemptions, deductions, deferrals, and offsets to:
  • Reduce income tax on earnings from rents/lease income
  • Reduce or eliminate capital gain tax on sale
  • Diffuse or avoid increased property taxes

Once we've help exempt your Real Estate against the 2 greatest risks, Creditors and Taxes, you can then safely employ our wealth preservation tactics to maximize Real Estate values and benefits, including:
  • Reduce Management Costs
  • Reduce Banking/Lending Rates & Debt Carrying Costs
  • Improve Capital Management & Optimize Cash Flows
  • Maximize Future Values
  • Hedge against downside Market & Interest Rate Risks
  • Convert Equity to Greatest Net Income & Benefits
The Bottom Line is by employing our unique Exemption Planning Process, TRUST-CFO® can help ensure you are doing everything possible to help you enhance & enjoy your current and future lifestyle.

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