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Technology is the future, and that future has huge value. But that value needs to be protected.
Technology is represented by intellectual property created by those who develop it, and the intellectual property assets the grow from it. But most Technologists fail to protect their IP.
Luckily, TRUST-CFO® understands how such assets can be Exempt and protected if properly designated for future benefits. Furthermore, the income generated from technology assets, whether in growing asset value, or compensation earnings, can be exempt from taxation if properly planned.

TRUST-CFO® has a footprint in the tech sector having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we have participated in the tax-efficiency of Technology by helping to claim Tax Exemption rights on technology assets and intangible intellectual property, so the value of the asset is greater when converted to tangible capital.
If you want to investigate all your options to find out how you can protect your IP from tax-erosion, complete your Exemption Diagnostic now.

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