Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) all revolve around the theme question: “What can I expect?”

Below are some of the typical questions clients ask to gain more comfort before engaging us.  If the question and answer you are looking for is not listed below, simply contact us via email or better yet call us at 800-730-3020.

1What is the cost for an Exemption Planning Analysis Report?

Prior to implementing a PRT℠ Plan Proposal, a client or attorney may want a comprehensive Exemption Planning analysis report to identify all risks, exposures and exemption planning options.

We offer this Phase 1 Planning service to clients and attorneys under an initial engagement agreement for a $5,000.00 flat fee.

This fee is designed to help ensure:

  1. Clients are fully aware of all planning risks
  2. TRUST-CFO℠ is compensated for our time and value spent in providing such value, and
  3. Both parties are sincere in their working relationship commitment

If you have any additional specific questions regarding this “audit” of your current financial situation, please contact us at 800-730-3020.

Thank you for your consideration.

2What is the cost for annual Trust Administration support services?

We have priced our annual administration fees to be super-competitive in order to capture the always neglected small business owner market space. Fees range based on the type of Trust and the requested engagement services to be provided.

Our baseline fees typically range:

  1. Tax-Deferred Assets: Plan Setup: $4,500, Annual Admin Range: $2,500 – $4,500
  2. Passive Assets – Plan Setup: $7,500, Annual Admin Range: $4,500 – $ 7,500
  3. Active Assets – Plan Setup: $ 15,000, Annual Admin Range: $7,500 – $15,000

We reserve the right to quote all fees and will fully disclose all fees and costs associated with your Plan in our corresponding Engagement Agreement(s). You can expect full disclosure and transparency so that you know what you are getting, at a fair and reasonable investment in us.

Call us today at 800-730-3020 to discuss any concerns you have about your Plan. We assure you will gain a quick understanding of what we can do for you, how much it will take to correct your issues, as well as a identify a steadfast timeline by which to accomplish your objectives.

3What will it cost to properly manage my Master Estate Plan?

TRUST-CFO℠ has pioneered a critically needed technology platform that helps our clients and supporting advisors ensure that they are being efficient in managing all the moving parts of your constantly changing Estate, but more importantly, help avoid being a victim in the consistent identify theft and internet hacking of private information.

We offer our Trust & Estate Management Portal System as a global financial document security system, which provides:

  • Cloud-hosted Estate Document Storage with 24/7 Access
  • File-Level (128-bit SSL) Encryption with Password Protection
  • Robust Real-time Reporting & Data Backup, plus Auto Virus-Scan
  • Advisor Collaboration Interface AND Private Client Vault (for you only)

We offer this powerful toolbox for $99 per month to ensure your world is protected, organized and compliant.

Call us today 800-730-3020 to discuss how we can help you convert from a shoe-box in your closet to the most powerful Estate management system available in today’s marketplace.

4Why do I need a Professional Trustee?

The case of: “This beds too soft, this beds too hard…but this ones just right!”

  • You will want a Professional Trustee if a Private Trustee puts you at risk of plan failure due to lack of knowledge and is not properly insured (no E&O coverage) against future planning liabilities and risks.
  • You will want a Professional Trustee if a Corporate Trustee is too invasive and disrupts your intended planning or is simply too expensive. Corporate Trustees often work on a percentage of assets under management which may siphon profits from a smaller Trust. They also tend to have incentive to route needed capital away from a productive business toward less profitable investment alternatives like securities or mutual funds.

A Professional Trustee offers heightened skills and knowledge at a flat-fee rate to assure independent advice. We not only seek to help maintain cash flows to a profitable business, but look to leverage Trust tax exemptions to further help enhance business return on equity (ROE).

Have a profitable business but having difficulty understanding how to asset protect your equity and revenues without giving up cash flow? Call us today at 800-730-3020, and we can show you how.

5What can you expect with our Planning Process?

Our planning cycle includes a unique and actually fun approach to asset protection and wealth preservation by displaying a client’s world in a visual map. This technique allows us to easily identify, quarantine and quantify risks as well as opportunities. The result is a simple-to-understand guidebook that shows planning options, advantages-disadvantages, benefits-cost, and our advice and recommendations for a secure capital structure and improved cash flow model.

Our goal is to optimize each stage to assure our client’s ultimate satisfaction, become their Trusted lifetime adviser, and earn the right to premium referrals during our relationship. To reach that objective, our clients can expect to go through the following planning phases to ensure optimum results:

  • Diagnostic – What You Have
  • Assessment – Know What You Don’t Know
  • Architecture – Build Your Fortress
  • Deployment – Task to Succeed
  • Assurance – Protect, Profit, Preserve
  • Benefits – Your Reward for Our Success
6Why do I need a TRUST-CFO℠?

A TRUST-CFO℠ is the knight guarding your castle.

You would want a TRUST-CFO℠ if you wanted to protect active business interests, like S-Corp stock and/or LLC member interests, and improve cash flows. How?

  • A TRUST-CFO℠ helps to maintain active business growth versus routing needed capital to less productive investment alternatives by using accumulated asset protected earning to reinvest back into a successful business.
  • A TRUST-CFO℠ is skilled in cash flow management to help leverage the Trust balance sheet using Trust Loans to fuel growth, while also taking advantage of Trust tax exemptions that you don’t get as an individual.
  • A TRUST-CFO℠ is also skilled at risk management to secure Trust principal and help hedge against major risks, including market, interest rate, revenue, inflation and purchasing power, and tax risks.

The bottom line is a TRUST-CFO℠ helps protect equity and growth, while supporting and enhancing business profits.

Call us today at 800-730-3020 and we can show you how.

7How do I communicate my Plan to all my key Advisors?

TRUST-CFO℠ offers a one-of-a-kind Client Concierge service as a more cost-efficient option to a family-office. We help our valued clients communicate with current or new advisors to secure complete planning continuity by:

  • Mapping out your Master Estate Plan so you have a visual guide-book to your future success.
  • Securely storing all your critical documentation in our proprietary Trust & Estate Portal System.
  • Coordinating and integrating your complete Plan dynamics to all permission-ed parties.
  • Making sure all of your advisors are communicated with on the overall Plan, including their direct responsibilities and tasks that help contribute to your Plan effectiveness.
  • Making sure you and your immediate family are updated on a regular basis to any changes in dynamic.
  • Making sure your beneficiaries and heirs are educated on what their roles and responsibilities are.
  • Making sure your Plan is tracked, reviewed, updated and monitored annually to adjust properly to economic, legal, or personal changes.

We are just a phone call away to do the heavy-lifting for you and ensure that all the people who need to know – know!

Call 800-730-3020 to have one of our Client Concierges rescue you today!

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