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Jeffery Verdon Law Group In The News

Asset Protection and estate planning

Poor Planning Leads To Huge Losses For Orange County Family

The Verdon Law Group, one of our great power partners in Orange County had a great article published about a year ago that highlights the huge issue estate planning mistake in California. The issue of great estate planning and no asset protection planning.  These two items are not mutually exclusive and need to be integrated into one coherent and workable plan with no gaps in exposure.

Take a moment to read this great article and let us know what you think.

Upon hearing bad news many think, “That’s awful, but it could never happen to me.” However, this true story happened to two smart, nice people who learned the hard way that bad things can indeed happen to good people.

Stephen and Joan were highly skilled professionals, happily married for 18 years. They were savvy about their investments, assets, liabilities and potential tax exposure. And now it was time for them to hire an attorney to create a new estate plan.

Ever diligent, their estate planning lawyer prepared a high-quality plan that made sure that when the first spouse dies, the assets would be seamlessly governed by their trust without the need for probate delay and expense.

Months later, Stephen and Joan were as busy as ever. Their practices were booming and they moved into their dream home. Then disaster struck. Stephen was running late and took a shortcut around the traffic. He never saw the stop sign. Seconds later, he crashed into another car. He was fine, but the other driver wasn’t. He died of his injuries. And the fault was Stephen’s.

Read the rest of the great article here in the Orange County Business Journal

A huge Thank You to Mr. Verdon and the Verdon Law Group for writing this article and highlighting these issues.

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