The PRIVATE RETIREMENT QUALIFIED℠ Plan incorporates the funding of private business and private equity investments in a traditional federal Qualified Plan.

It should be noted that “Qualified” Plans are regulated under special rules under the federal government and ERISA and must follow all regulatory filing and administrative requirements because they seek pre-tax and tax deferred savings against taxable earnings. This differs from the California Private Retirement Plan which falls under state exemptions and does not seek tax-deductions.

The Benefits a business can typically expect from a PRIVATE RETIREMENT QUALIFIED℠ Plan include:

  1. Larger Contributions (Deductions) to the Owner or HCE.
  2. Larger % of Total Contributions allocated to the Owner & HCE group.
  3. Ability and more flexibility to invest in LLCs, LPs, and Real Estate.

Note there are self-dealing rules, prohibitive transactions, and other prudent-man issues that must be adhered to and reported on, so TRUST-CFO® can help you safely navigate these waters.

If you want to find out how much you may be able to contribute to a PRIVATE RETIREMENT QUALIFIED℠ Plan fill out the form below to begin your Exemption Diagnostic Report.


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