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TRUST-CFO® Private Retirement Plan Programs

We have developed several Private Retirement Plan (PRP) variations to tactically maximize asset protection values and tax savings of specific asset classes while also minimizing management costs.

We also have formalized financing resources to assist our clients in maximum funding without disrupting other investments, critical cash flow or business returns. It is important to note that our plan fees are fully tax-deductible as a business expense to the sponsoring company which helps cut costs. Furthermore, PRP tax savings generated from the PRP Plans are often multiple times greater than the required administration fees, making TRUST-CFO® a valued profit-center to a business instead of a cost.



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-Jeffrey M. Verdon, Esq., Managing Partner of Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, LLP.

PRP Cash Shield℠

If you own investment assets in your own personal name, then you have full exposure to creditor and taxation on the equity and earnings from those assets.

  • Protection of personal and business cash and liquid assets including checking, savings, CDs, life insurance, annuities, as well as capturing future cash flow from earnings of salary, bonuses, and net business profits whether distributed or not.
  • Tax Savings may include deductible income/earnings/profits that reduce the Participant ordinary income tax liabilities.
  • Plan Setup: $4500 (tax-deductible), Annual Administration: $2500 (tax deductible).

If you are building any of these investments for your retirement, then you can potentially fund them to your Private Retirement Plan and claim your private retirement exemption right.

PRP Investment Shield℠

  • Protection of assets that are specifically being built for future retirement needs, including brokerage accounts, real estate assets, private equity investments, and any other legitimate retirement asset. This may include investments in LLC/LLP member interests.
  • Tax Saving can include deferral of passive income tax as well as deferral on gains from sale, including proceeds from sale of real estate not being 1031 exchanged.
  • Plan Setup: $4500 (tax-deductible), Annual Administration: $4500 (tax deductible).

PRP Business Shield℠

  • Protection of business ownership including corporate stock (C or S) and LLC member interest, any and all business assets including equipment and retained earnings, and even shareholder dividends and/or member distributions.
  • Plan Setup: $7500 (tax-deductible), Annual Administration: $7500 (tax deductible).

PRP Tax Shield℠ Overview

Tax Savings is Cash Flow. A Private Retirement Tax Shield Program is designed to help Defer Taxes for as long as possible so the business can capitalize growth and compound returns, instead of being diluted by tax erosion.

The PRP Tax Shield℠ program only uses $1 dollar of Private Retirement Plan funds to create $10 of tax deductions for the sponsoring business, so that the business increases $4.50 in net tax savings as increased capital to continue to grow the business.

Who does it work for?

  • Small-Midsize Business Owners & Executives subject to High Taxable Income/Earnings
  • Business with Exposed Profits subject to Excessive Taxation
  • Sale of Appreciated Property/Assets Exposed to Large Capital Gains Tax
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"Ray and his team have gone above and beyond what I was expecting in setting up my Private Retirement Plan. They move quickly and live up to their reputation of excellence. They are very detail-oriented and work hard to ensure that their clients have a fortified Plan. But beyond that, Ray took the time to get to know me personally and has gone the extra mile to make me feel like a valuable client. As one of his youngest clients, he has worked with me to maximize my overall retirement protection while being conscientious of my budget. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the entire team and I would recommend them to any of my fellow investors."

-Ross Yeager, President of Engineered Cash Flow.

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