The industry’s most powerful tax savings, cash flow enhancement, and capital protection strategy - with the lowest risks.

The PRP (Private Retirement Plan) AcceleratorSM is the only tax mitigation strategy that allows a successful business owner or investor to substantially reduce excessive taxation and then direct the newly saved capital back to business or private investment strategy for compounding returns and growth.


  • LARGE TAX DEDUCTIONS-DEFERRALS: the PRP AcceleratorSM creates substantially large tax deductions using strategic risk reserve funding against revenues/profits.
         -Tax deductions are applied to all items of taxation, including ordinary income, passive income and capital gains from sale.
  • MAINTAINED CONTROL: all other tax deferral strategies require that the funds be redirected to outside lower-return investments.
         -The PRP AcceleratorSM allows you to direct and keep funds where you want them, in your great rate of return private assets: business, real estate, private equity, etc.
  • FINANCED TO KEEP $ WORKING: the PRP Plan funding is actually financed at extremely low interest-only rates (also fully deductible) without any additional collateral required.
         -You get the tax savings, but you keep the funds and arbitrage between your low carrying costs (around 1.5-2% net cost) and your high-return wealth strategy (often 8-25%).
  • PROTECTED FROM BAD-GUYS: all current funds and future values are fully protected from creditors/lawsuits as “exempt” assets.
         -Because a PRP is “exempt”, all newly created values (funds) as well as future distributions (benefits) are fully protected from creditor attack, claim, and seizure – so you can live peacefully.


Here is a real-life success case from the 2019 Tax Year in which our client saved over $1,000,000 and has that money working in their business, fully protected against unwanted predators.
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