As pioneer in the private retirement planning industry, TRUST-CFO® has spent the last decade optimizing our plan and trust documents and administration systems to tactically harvest the maximum amount of tax benefits to plan participants and the sponsoring businesses.

Unlike mainstream retirement programs that typically only provide 1-dimensional tax savings benefits, but that doesn’t solve future tax liabilities (fully taxable distributions), our strategic PRP Programs offer 3-dimensional tax management by employing tax deductions, deferrals, credits, and also future tax offsets to tactically manage ongoing tax savings, which means maximum wealth accumulation for Plan Participants.

Tax Deductions

Our PRPs have the ability to help create large tax-deductible retirement contributions and business expenses to help the Participant reduce his/her taxable ordinary income.

  • Income Tax deductions against Personal Active income/earnings.
  • Income Tax deductions against Personal Passive income/earnings.
  • Additional 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction (20%) for PRP Plan Participants who qualify.

Tax Deferrals

Our PRPs can create multiple opportunities to defer taxation and allow a Participant to maintain critical cash flow to a productive business or investment. Tax deferral = increase cash flow and increased net return on investment over time:

  • Capital Gains Tax Savings/Deferrals against Gain on Sale of Appreciated Property.
  • Accelerated Depreciation on Real Property, Business Property and Other Property.
  • Bonus Depreciation on certain Private Retirement Plan (PRP) investments.

Tax Credits

Because our PRPs can be a shareholder and/or member of an active business, the Plan can capitalize on business, employee, R&D, and all other tax credits and add those savings to the Plan for substantially increase values for future retirement benefits.

  • PURE (TRUE) Tax Saving awards that reduce a Tax Liability Dollar for Dollar, with no recapture at a future date.
  • Tax Incentives including work, employment and training.
  • Opportunity zones.

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