The PRIVATE RETIREMENT ACCELERATOR℠ is probably the business industry’s most powerful untapped tool, because it leverages all the tax and creditor exemptions for a private business by financing the tax and creditor exemptions of a Private Retirement Plan, so the business can grow smarter and faster while also protecting more values from business risks and lawsuits.

With TRUST-CFO® as the innovator and guide, a business owner can expect the following unparalleled benefits:

  1. Low cost funds at 3.9% interest-only to fund Private Retirement Plan risk funds and substantially reduce taxes to the business and pass-through owners, which will:
  2. Immediately increase cash flow and enhance credit capacity to build faster and more efficiently, while also maximizing:
  3. Creditor exemption protection on all business and owner assets, earnings as well as future distributions and gains on sale.



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