THE 2017 TAX REFORM ACT SUPER-CHARGES DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLANS – but few know how to set up a legitimate Program

Deferred Compensation is a recruit, reward and retain program that incentives Highly-Compensated Executives (HCEs) to “defer compensation” to a later date in exchange for the company “deferring its deduction expense” on the payout of that compensation to a later date. With the corporate rate being reduced under the Trump Reform Act down to 21% and highly-compensated executive (HCE) tax rates at over 50% in California, the compounding of the tax arbitrage of nearly 30% tax-spread over time (t) is a massive opportunity for capital growth.

With our Managing Director Ray Olmo having worked at one of top NQDC Administration firms in America and pioneering tax-financing programs for these plans, TRUST-CFO® is positioned as a market-leader in Private Retirement Deferred Compensation Plans. TRUST-CFO's® enhancements to traditional NQDC plans include:

  • Helping offset the lost tax-deduction to the business on PRIVATE DEFERRED COMPENSATION℠ funds.
  • Using PRIVATE DEFERRED COMPENSATION℠ plan funds to fuel business growth without risking the future payout obligations to the Executives.
  • Exempt all PRIVATE DEFERRED COMPENSATION℠ Plan funds, distributions and death benefits from creditor attached and seizure. Note: traditional NQDC plans are only protected from creditors in bankruptcy.
  • Improve credit-facility to enhance and fuel corporate growth to meet obligations.
  • Pre-planning and offsetting the future tax liabilities to the Executive beneficiaries so the distributions are net-tax maximized.

With TRUST-CFO® as your guide, a company can not only meet its future executive benefit obligations but make money along the way to pay for these commitments out of tax savings.



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