When the private retirement plan exemption legislation was originally passed in California in 1970, it wasn’t established to secure tax benefits for retirement savings programs (like a qualified plan such as 401k). It was actually established to exempt private retirement investments from loss by claiming exemption under state law.

The reality is that most business owners don’t save money for retirement in the stock market. They invest in building their business to create great future value and then sell one day, to convert that value into a secure future lifestyle at retirement. Therefore, a private business, a private asset, can qualify for private retirement if the Private Retirement Plan specifies it will be funded by the business interests, which can include:

  • C-Corporation or S-Corporation - Stockholder Shares
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Limited Partnership (LP) – Member Interests

Some of the strategic planning that can optimize both creditor and tax exemptions from businesses including the restructuring of voting vs. non-voting shares, Manager roles vs. Private Retirement Plan membership ownership, and Private Retirement Plan Trust Loans & Liens. TRUST-CFO® is the industry leader on Private Retirement Plan design on how to maintain productive cash flow and business growth without disruption, while also ensuring Plan Participants do not forfeit their tax and creditor protection rights. We have built proprietary PRIVATE RETIREMENT PLUS℠ plan solutions that include:

  • Private Retirement Plan LLC – including Real Estate investment and property management businesses



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