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TRUST-CFO Aligns with Alliance Trust Company of Nevada to Strengthen Private Retirement Plans for Californians



TRUST-CFO, California’s largest administration firm for California Private Retirement Plans, has created a major planning opportunity for Californians by combining the power of California’s creditor exemption statute for private retirement plans with the strength of a Nevada Trustee.

Over recent years, Californians seeking to leverage Nevada asset protection laws have been weakened dramatically because they are very simply not the resident of the state.

Many top planners now back off solutions such Domestic Asset Protection Trusts because of California’s 2015 UVTA (Uniform Voidable Transactions Act) and consequently won’tprovide the defense against litigation often sought.

Unfortunately, that means Californians also don’t get the great benefits afforded a Nevada corporate trustee, which is the strongest in the nation.

TRUST-CFO has identified and solved this problem by leveraging California’s legitimate private retirement plan (PRP) exemption, but with a Nevada Trustee.  The result is one of the most powerful plans that optimizes creditor protection and tax savings and, most importantly, is legitimate for California clients.

Jeffrey M. Verdon, managing partner of the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group, one of the nation’s top asset protection attorneys, says “I’ve worked with both TRUST-CFO and Alliance Trust Company for years. This collaboration will raise the bar on private retirement plan design and administration to a higher level given the skill sets of both entities. The integrity let alone the efficiency of these two powerhouses will open the door for the next era in effective asset protection planning for retirement assets for California residents.”

“This alliance looks to increase our joint planning opportunities and our (PRP) case processing by nearly 40%,” says Raymond Olmo, TRUST-CFO Founding Partner.  The clientfallout from aggressive planning using DAPTs and other exotic planning will now be attracted to an easier and cheaper plan where clients can retain beneficial interest in their assets, instead of transferring or giving away assets irrevocably.

To learn more about how to capitalize on California Private Retirement Plans, please contact TRUST-CFO Managing Partner Josh Saunders at 800-730-3020 or

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