Porter Law Group Inc. Trust-CFO align to Protect the Construction Industry

TRUST-CFO & PORTER LAW GROUP align to Protect the Construction Industry

Solutions for the Construction Industry

Protecting the Construction and Real Estate industries

Protecting the Construction and Real Estate industries PORTER LAW GROUP, INC. and TRUST-CFOSM  
Bringing the Private Retirement Plan & Legal Risk Management Support Services to the Construction Industry.

TRUST-CFOSM, a California-wide Trust Administration support services firm, has affiliated with Porter Law Group, Inc. This relationship will complement the  solid risk management services the Porter Law Group Inc. already brings to the construction and real estate development industry.  Adding the proprietary Private Retirement Plan will help to enhance the risk management strategies available to the very litigious construction industry.

TRUST-CFOSM is the exclusive administrator for the Private Retirement Plan (PRP) which helps owners of construction businesses exempt their private equity interests and business assets from outside (unfriendly) creditors, including lawsuit and bankruptcy. This can be done while fully honoring their business commitments for bonding/surety and banking relationships. This is a unique solution using the expertise of these two great teams.

Porter Law Group has an emphasis in construction, labor and business law, and offers key legal risk management advice to minimize litigation issues, but can now use the Private Retirement Plan California exemption rights as a defensive backing should a legal concern become a real threat.

Ray Olmo states a clear mission: “Bill Porter and his firm are renowned for comprehensive legal and risk management planning for the construction and development industry.  By leveraging our mutual services and expertise we can really help manage the pressing issues of construction defect litigation and other flagrant and abusive attacks on the industry, offering the greatest amount of asset protection potential while still allowing our clients to maintain critical cash flows to grow their successful business.”

For more information about these exclusive services, please contact:

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