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We Understand… California named “Judicial Hellhole”

Judicial Hell Hole

California is the hardest place to do business in America, according to the NFIB

Judicial Hell Hole

California is a hard place to do business and we get it

As we have been saying for some time, CA is a hard place to do business or some have called it a “judicial hell hole”. Many businesses struggle to succeed in California for many reasons. One of the big frustrations according to the NFIB is frivolous litigation. This quote from the president of the NFIB Tom Scott below pretty much sums it all up.

“With California already hosting one of the worst tax and regulatory environments in the nation, it should not be a huge surprise that we are also the number one judicial hellhole in the United States,” said Scott.

“Those in the Legislature need to work harder to ensure legislation that fixes the legal climate in our state is both passed and signed into law so that those in the small business community can get relief while also increasing accessibility for all.”

California does have an asset protection solution

Unfortunately there are not many solutions currently to fix the high taxes, one solutions maybe find a new CPA but that is for another article. California does have a great strength when it comes to protecting your world. The Private Retirement plan can help you be more secure.

Thanks to the NFIB for this great article

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