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Ironically, while most of our client referrals come from highly successful CPAs and Attorneys, such as Youngman Ericsson Scott, LLP & Cunningham Legal, these advisors themselves have huge professional risks, and can lose their whole livelihood with one bogus litigation not covered by their malpractice and E&O coverage.
We actually provide Exemption & Private Retirement planning services to many top California Accounting firms by securing their income, accounts receivables and retained earnings from undeserving creditor claim. And we have a sizable group of lawyers as clients, regardless of the area of practice.
Our goal to protect any quality and respected advisor in California extends to other professionals like investment advisors, life insurance agents, and anyone giving advice where a client can become disgruntled and claim “foul”.

As with any successful business owner or professional, CPAs and Attorneys also have tax pain. And while some may even be an expert in Tax planning, most will still defer to TRUST-CFO® for independent third-party analysis to support their own planning, and ensure all proper reporting is being provided to optimize the strength of their Trust or Private Retirement Plan.
The bottom line is any Californian and US Citizen and has creditor and tax exemption rights that should be claimed using the best and most secure system in the market – TRUST-CFO's®.

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