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Investment Portfolios


Most stock market investors default to personal ownership on their investment strategy and don’t realize that one lawsuit and those assets are immediately locked up and exposed to a potential forced claim liquidation, whether at fault or not.
TRUST-CFO® offers very simple plans that empower clients to invest the way they want to build their future wealth, but exempt both values, earnings and death benefits from creditor attack:
  • Current and future asset values are exempt
  • Income, dividends and gains from sale are exempt
  • Account Beneficiaries are also exempt from creditors

Also, when personally owned it is very difficult to manage tax impact against stock/portfolio earnings. But using various Exempt Trust Plans, there are multiple tax exemption benefits that can help to minimize downside risks, harvest tax offsets, and even defer income and gains to compound growth faster and longer for more future values and benefits.
TRUST-CFO® is the expert of choice to help understand how to invest your way, but minimize overall tax risk. We can help:
  • Optimize Basis, Minimize Tax Gain
  • Defer or Offset Taxable Income and Dividends
  • Convert Ordinary Income Earnings to Capital Gains Rates

Once we’ve help exempt your Investments against the 2 greatest risks, Creditors and Taxes, you can then safely employ our wealth preservation tactics to maximize Real Estate values and benefits, including:
  • Negotiate Lower Investment Fees
  • Lower Administration Fees and Manage Plans
  • Pre-Plan for Future Tax Triggers
  • Create Tax-Free Investment Wrappers
  • Safely Leverage Asset Values with Low-Cost Loan Rates
  • Capitalize on Tax-Deductible Interest Expense
The Bottom Line is by employing our unique Exemption Planning Process, TRUST-CFO® can help ensure you are doing everything possible to help you enhance & enjoy your current and future investment lifestyle.

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