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Private Equity


There are unlimited risks to both Private Equity investors and start-up company executives regardless of the form of structure or funding: venture capital or leverage buy-out.
TRUST-CFO® has structured partnership arrangements where both the investors interests are exempt from creditors, and the company executive shareholders/members are exempt from creditor attack.

Depending on the VC interrelationship and flow of revenues, profits, distributions and/or repayment of loan debt, we can tactically defend most income streams from excessive taxation with coordinated and integrated tax exemption strategies and plans.
As with LLC business investments, there are both business-sponsored exemption programs and member planning that together can help to diffuse the taxation generated by the profitable start-up venture.
TRUST-CFO® can evaluate the integrated tax exemptions, deductions, deferrals, and offsets to:
  • Enhance VC capital to accelerate growth and returns
  • Reduce taxable compensation to company Executives
  • Minimize tax on return of funds to investors
  • Maximize total corporate returns to all parties

TRUST-CFO® has substantial resources to help accelerate, enhance and maximize equity and debt investment value. We can offer solutions and resources including:
  • Minimizing Entity Operating Costs & Fees
  • Reducing Manager, Member and Employee Costs and Mitigating Investment Risks
  • Minimizing Taxation on Entity Distributions
  • Enhancing Compensation and Fringe Benefits to Officers and Board of Directors
TRUST-CFO® offers the greatest resource to enhance and optimize entity valuation and convert future values into the greatest net after tax benefits.

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