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Warrants, Options & RSUs


These rights represent future value. How would you like to work hard for years with your rights on the come-line, and then one day a vicious creditor makes a frivolous claim against your estate and actually seizes that right? And then all your future value goes away? This happens more often than you might think.
Just like your regular securities portfolio, your life insurance and annuity cash values, and other investments, none of these have an Exemption in California and ALL values can be lost. TRUST-CFO® can show you how you can protect and preserve your future value rights and ensure you capitalize on equity you’re working hard to build.

As with any investment, if you own Rights in your own name, you leave your wealth exposed to both lawsuit attack, and tax weakness. These investments can be stronger when recharacterize for retirement, estate or charitable planning using trust exemptions.
TRUST-CFO® can help you evaluate the best recharacterization of your warrants or options to:
  • Elect the best methodology for conversion
  • Minimize the taxability
  • Pre-plan tax liabilities and employ offsets to absorb the tax debt
  • Defer and compound converted values into tax-efficient benefits

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