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  • It is critical to first create a safe environment in which to do all other planning. Creditor exemption planning allows us to protect our clients from unwanted creditor attacks and frivolous lawsuits so they can take a breath and think clearly about their future.
  • LOSE IF YOU DON’T – if you do your tax planning before this step you can lose your saved tax dollars and more to a lawsuit. Furthermore, if you claim tax savings before your creditor exemptions you may forfeit additional creditor protection benefits by leaving newfound $ exposure to attack.
  • WIN IF YOU DO – putting the creditor dome over your world first lets you sleep at night and fill your protected bucket with the newfound tax savings and wealth benefits.
  • TRUST-CFO® has the only Exemption Diagnostic calculator tool to show what assets and earnings are currently exposed, and what can qualify for immediate and future protection security.


STEP 2 – PROFIT: Exempt from TAXES

  • Tax Savings is cash flow. Unfortunately, most can’t prove they have applied ALL possible tax savings strategies that legitimately increase cash flow, net returns, and net gains from sale.
  • LOSE IF YOU DON’T – if you fail to claim your tax exemptions rights then you forfeit them. Missed tax savings isn’t just the money saved today, it’s the loss of the future value of those dollars as they convert to benefits that could improve your business and lifestyle.
  • WIN IF YOU DO – claiming all available tax exemption rights helps you work smarter, keep more of your hard-earned money, and improve your current and future lifestyle.
  • TRUST-CFO® offers the only Exemption Tax Checklist that shows our clients are doing everything possible to save their hard-earned money.



  • The Exemption Process is unique in that it does not interfere or dilute any other wealth planning goals, so our clients can continue to pursue business, estate and charitable transition goals without giving away assets or giving up control during their lifetime.
  • LOSE IF YOU DON’T – clients that don’t do exemption planning will have to choose between giving up control of assets or forfeiting future benefits to their business and family.
  • WIN IF YOU DO – true wealth management empowers a client to meet all their planning goals but ensure all values and benefits are maximized and optimized for life.
  • TRUST-CFO® has the only system that captures capital and cash flow, protects increased values against risks and attacks, and gives our clients more time to enjoy their lives.


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