Proprietary TRUST-CFO® PRP Financing Programs

We have solved the retirement industry dilemma using our funding resources to help max fund retirement plans while also allowing successful business owners and highly compensated executives to maintain critical cashflows to their profitable business, real estate, and private equity assets.

  • Hyper-funding of retirement contributions to maximize future benefits
  • Maximum Tax Deductions without having to write the check, which improves cash flows
  • No disruption to business, real estate or other productive investments
  • Supplemental lifetime benefits including chronic illness and long-term care
  • Self-completing funding as well as full debt-extinguishing in event of premature death

Using our banking expertise, we have developed a selection of financing resources to solve the industry dilemma of underfunded retirement plans. We have negotiated the best terms and rates to optimize our clients capital needs:

  • Low-cost financing
  • Interest-only and accrued interest payment plans
  • Risk-managed rates with unique hedging strategies
  • Self-collateralized. No disruption to other investments
  • Flexible terms and plan designs to meet any capital needs

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Our private-labeled PRP Exemption Diagnostic Calculator generates a report that shows you and your clients their current creditor and tax risk exposures and the areas for improvements and opportunities to increase capital and asset values.

  • Enter simple asset and liability information
  • Send results directly to you and your clients
  • Analyze current risk exposure
  • View your personalized Strategic Exemption Plan

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